Create a new destination connection


To connect to a destination, you need the Manage Destinations access control permission. Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.


Before you can send audience data to a destination, you must set up a connection to your destination platform. This article shows you how to set up a new destination using the Adobe Experience Platform user interface.

Create a new destination connection

  1. Go to Connections > Destinations, and select the Catalog tab.

    Catalog page

  2. Depending on whether you have an existing connection to your destination, you can see either a Set up or an Activate segments button on the destination card. For more information about the difference between Activate segments and Set up, refer to the Catalog section of the destination workspace documentation.

    Select either Set up or Activate segments, depending on which button is available to you.

    Catalog page

    Activate segments

  3. If you selected Set up, skip to the next step.

    If you selected Activate segments, you can now see a list of existing destination connections.

    Select Configure new destination.

    Configure new destination

  4. Enter the destination platform connection details, then select Connect to destination.


    The image below is used for illustration purposes only. The destination connection details vary between destinations. For detailed information about the connection details for your destination, see the Connection parameters section in each destination catalog page (for example, Google Customer Match).

    Connect to destination

  5. (Optional) Select the destination dataflow alerts that you want to subscribe to. You can subscribe to alerts when creating a dataflow to receive alert messages regarding the status, success, or failure of your flow run. See Subscribe to in-context destination alerts for detailed information on destination dataflow alerts.

    UI image showing the in-context destination alerts subscription options

  6. Select Next.

    Connect to destination

  7. Select the marketing actions applicable to the data that you want to export to the destination. Marketing actions indicate the intent for which data will be exported to the destination. You can select from Adobe-defined marketing actions or you can create your own marketing action. For more information about marketing actions, see the data usage policies overview page.

    Select marketing actions

  8. Select Save & Exit to save the destination configuration, or select Next to proceed to the audience data activation flow.

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