Activate prospect audiences

This functionality is available to customers who have purchased the Real-Time CDP Prime and Ultimate package. Contact your Adobe representative for more information.

This article explains the workflow required to export prospect audiences from Adobe Experience Platform to your preferred destination.

Supported destinations supported-destinations

Go to Connections > Destinations, and select the Catalog tab. Use the Data types filter and select Prospects to see the destinations which support the activation of prospect audiences. Currently, exporting prospect audiences is available only to cloud storage destinations.

Destinations which support prospect audiences.

Prerequisites prerequisites

  • You must first ingest prospect profiles and create prospect audiences before you can activate them to downstream destinations.
  • To activate prospect audiences to destinations, you must have successfully connected to a destination. If you haven’t done so already, go to the destinations catalog, browse the supported destinations, and configure the destination that you want to use. Read the UI tutorial on connecting to destinations for more information.

Required permissions permissions

To activate prospect audiences, you need the View Destinations and Activate Destinations access control permissions. Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.

To ensure that you have the necessary permissions to activate prospect audiences, browse the destinations catalog. If a destination has an Activate control, then you have the appropriate permissions.

Select your destination select-destination

Follow the instructions to select a destination where you can export your datasets:

  1. Go to Connections > Destinations, and select the Catalog tab.

    Destination catalog tab with Catalog control highlighted.

  2. Select Activate on the card corresponding to the destination that you want to export datasets to.

The destinations that can export profile audiences are indicated with an icon in the upper right corner of the card, similar to the destination highlighted below, or you can use the data type filter to only display destinations that can export prospect audiences, as shown higher on the page.

Amazon S3 destination page that can export profile audiences highlighted.

  1. Select Data type Prospects, followed by the destination connection that you want to export datasets to, then select Next.
If you want to set up a new destination to activate prospect audiences, select Configure new destination to trigger the Connect to destination workflow.

Destination activation workflow with Prospects control highlighted.

  1. Proceed to the next section to select your profile audiences for export.

Select your prospect audiences select-prospect-audiences

Use the check boxes to the left of the prospect audiences names to select the audiences that you want to export to the destination, then select Next. Note that only the prospect audiences are shown in this view, and no other audiences are displayed.

Dataset export workflow showing the Select audiences step where you can select which prospect audiences to export.

Scheduling and next steps

For the rest of the activation workflow to export prospect audiences, read the tutorial on activating data to file based-destinations. Continue from the schedule audience export step.

Note that in the scheduling step, the workflow to activate prospect audiences only allows you to export full files. Incremental file exports are not supported.

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