Checking Domain Name Status

You can determine whether your domain name has been verified successfully by clicking the Status icon for the domain name from the table on Environments from the Domain Settings page.


Cloud Manager will automatically trigger a TXT verification when you select Save on the verification step of the Add Custom Domain wizard. For subsequent verifications, you must actively select the verify again icon next to the status.

Cloud Manager will verify domain ownership via the TXT value and displays one of the following status messages:

  • Domain Verification Failed
    TXT value is either missing or is detected with errors. Follow instructions and retry. When ready, you must select the verify again icon next to the status.

  • Domain Verification In Progress
    Verification in progress. This status is typically seen after you select the verify again icon next to the status.

  • Verified, Deployment Failed
    TXT verification was successful. However, the CDN deployment failed. An Adobe representative will be notified automatically.

  • Domain Verified & Deployed
    This status indicates that your custom domain name is ready to be used.


    At this point, your custom domain name is ready for testing and to be pointed to the Cloud Manager domain name. Refer to Configuring DNS Settings to learn more.

  • Deleting
    Deletion of Custom Domain name is in process.

  • Deletion Failed
    Deletion of Custom Domain name failed. You must retry. Refer to Deleting a Custom Domain Name to learn more.

Pre-existing CDN Configurations for Custom Domain Names

Customers with environments that includes pre-existing CDN configurations for IP Allow Lists, SSL Certificates or Custom Domain Names will see the following message in the the IP Allow List and the Environment details page. The message displayed on the UI will disappear once the customer has fully migrated all pre-existing environment configurations via the UI and it may take 1-2 business days for the message to disappear.


In order to see and manage the pre-existing configurations they must be added via the UI. Refer to Adding a Custom Domain Name for more details.

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