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  • Data collection overview
    Enable client-side data collection for Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network.
  • Tags
    Learn to deploy and manage analytics, marketing, and advertising tags to power customer experiences.
  • Event forwarding
    Send data to new destinations without changing client-side implementations.
  • Datastreams
    Connect your client-side Experience Platform SDK integration with Adobe products and third-party destinations.
  • Web SDK
    Interact with Experience Cloud services through the Edge network.
  • Mobile SDK
    Power Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and services in your mobile apps.
  • Mobile Services (deprecated v4)
    Mobile Services is an end-to-end solution that helps you acquire and engage mobile app users and optimize their experiences.
  • Places Service
    Places Service is a geo-location service that enables mobile apps with location awareness to understand the location context.
  • Edge Network Server API
    Use the Edge Network Server API for data collection, personalization, advertising, and marketing use cases with Experience Cloud or Experience Platform Edge services.
  • Experience Platform Debugger
    Examine your web pages for problems with your Experience Platform implementations.


Implement Adobe Experience Cloud with Web SDK

Implement Adobe Experience Cloud with Web SDK tutorial

Implement Adobe Experience Cloud in mobile apps

Learn how to implement Adobe Experience Cloud applications in mobile apps with Experience Platform Mobile SDK.

Web SDK overview

Get an overview of Web SDK and Edge Network.

Debugger overview

Debug your web implementations of the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK and Experience Cloud applications.

Configure datastreams

Learn how to create and configure datastreams

Generate first-party device ids

Learn how to generate first-party device IDs

Blueprint: Data Preparation and Ingestion

This blueprint shows all the methods by which data can be ingested and prepared in Adobe Experience Platform.

Blueprint: Enterprise Event Forwarding Data Collection

Stream collected data by Experience Platform SDKs to destinations

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How-to videos and tutorials to make you a power-user of Data Collection in Experience Platform.

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