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Information about updates to the Experience Cloud product documentation.

Updated 8/24/2021

Updated Central Components page (this guide’s landing page). Added browser and language support, updates to organizations, sign-in, and added information about domains.

Updated 8/6/2021

Updated First Party Cookies.

Updated: 6/4/2021

Reorganized guide’s structure, table of contents.

Updated: 6/1/2021

Updated landing page with new help on accessing Experience Cloud, global search, preferences, and notifications.

Updated: 8/19/2020

Updated View Experience Cloud user details (Admin Tool) with Policies information.

Updated: 5/19/2020

Deprecated Offer Management documentation.

Updated: 5/15/2020

Added the following pages:

Updated: 3/10/2020

Updated Validate hostname forwarding in the first-party cookies section.

Updated: 2/20/2020

Added View Experience Cloud user details (Admin Tool).

Updated: 9/5/2018

Added how to delete a Customer Attribute. See (Optional) Update the schema (delete attributes).

Updated: 6/8/20118

Updated About data file and data sources for Customer Attributes with information about uploading multiple files.

Updated: 6/6/2018

General updates to content and screens.

Updated: 1/17/2018

Some reorganization and link updates.

Updated: 12/29/2017

Revised guide for latest release.

Updated: 3/15/2017

Updated the definition of Raw Analytics Data in Create an audience.

Updated: 2/23/2017

Added Experience Cloud Triggers.

Updated: 2/1/2017

Added report suite mapping as a step to enabling core services.

Updated: 5/9/2016

Added Experience Cloud Integrations, a round-up of integration documentation.

Updated: 2/11/2016

Added Experience Cloud Assets.

Updated: 3/2/2015

Added Enable your solutions for core services

Updated: 1/15/2015

Added Experience Cloud Users can now share folders to the Creative Cloud and sync assets and comments across the two Clouds. See Asset Sharing.

Updated: 7/17/2014

Added Experience Cloud FAQ for administrators.

Updated: 5/22/2014

Added documentation for Audiences

See Audiences

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