Shared access troubleshooting

I do not see the Shared Access tab on my Commerce Account page

Problem: You want to provide shared access to your trusted colleague but you cannot locate the Shared Access tab on your Commerce Account page.

Possible cause: Permissions, necessary to grant shared access, have not been associated with your Commerce Account.

Solution: Contact your Commerce Customer Success Manager or create a support ticket. Please specify your name and the email associated with your Account.

I use shared access but still see my tickets instead of the shared ones

Problem: I’m accessing Help Center using shared access but still see only the tickets belonging to my own account (organization). The Commerce Account page shows I’m using the account of the organization that has provided shared access for me, but the organization tickets are still not showing.

Possible cause: Your browser is using the cached content from the Help Center.

Solution: Clear your browser cache and access the Help Center again (make sure you have switched to shared access on your Commerce Account page).

Ticket submission form: merchant is not displayed in Organization drop-down in our support knowledge base.

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