Adobe Campaign is the Adobe Experience Cloud solution for cross channel campaign management. Learn how to use rich customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic campaigns - through email, mobile, offline channels, and more.

Here you can find self-help and learning resources to implement and use Adobe Campaign Standard.


User Guides

  • Campaign Help Center
    Help center for the major features, tasks, settings, and other resources required to use Campaign Standard.
  • Get started with Campaign
    Discover key capabilities, user interface and global guidelines.
  • Profiles and audiences
    Define targeted populations, select audiences, filter recipients, collect data and update profiles.
  • Create messages
    Create personalized messages on various channels, use templates, create landing pages and check best practices.
  • Test and send messages
    Prepare, test, schedule, send and monitor your messages.
  • Design your emails
    Create email content starting from scratch, importing HTML or leveraging existing templates.
  • Create dynamic reports
    Analyze the success of your campaigns in build-in or customized dynamic reports.
  • Work with other solutions
    Use other Adobe solutions and combine their different capabilities with Campaign.
  • Design and execute workflows
    Automate processes with workflows, manage data and audiences, send messages, and more.

Developer and Administrators Resources

  • Developers guide
    Enrich Campaign Standard data model with custom fields and resources, and extend REST APIs to expose extended fields.
  • Campaign APIs
    Create integrations and build your own ecosystem by interfacing Campaign with a panel of technologies.
  • Administrators guide
    Learn about users and permissions management, monitoring guidelines, channel-specific configurations and application settings guidelines


Getting started

This video gives you a high level introduction to Adobe Campaign Standard.

Create profiles and audiences

Learn how to navigate to existing profiles and how to create profiles and audiences.

Create an email

Learn how to create an email delivery from the homepage.

Getting started with Push Notifications with Android App

This tutorial walks you through the steps involved in sending push notifications from Adobe Campaign and receiving these notifications in your Android™ app.

Create a Dynamic Report

Learn how to create a report.

Control Panel

The Control Panel allows Campaign administrators to monitor key assets and perform administrative tasks, such as managing SFTP storage, GPG keys, or subdomains and certificates.

Deliverability best practice guide

Learn key deliverability terms, concepts, and approaches to empower you to ensure your marketing program success.

Blueprint: Campaign with Real-Time CDP

Showcases how the Adobe Experience Platform and its Real-Time Customer Profile and centralized segmentation tool can be utilized with Adobe Campaign to deliver personalized conversations.

Blueprint: Journey Optimizer

Execute triggered messages and experiences using Adobe Experience Platform as a central hub of streaming data, customer profiles, and segmentation.

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Design cross-channel customer experiences and create an environment for visual campaign orchestration, real time interaction management, and cross channel execution.

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