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Last update: 2023-11-28
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The landing page for Customer Journey Analytics highlights Analysis Workspace and features a project manager home page and a learning section to help you manage customer journey data more effectively.

New landing page features

Feature Description Screenshot
Expand Projects table to full screen To expand the table, just click the hamburger menu icon. This action will collapse the left-rail tabs. Expand table selected showing only the Projects without the left-rail tabs
Customize column width Previously, the column width was fixed. Now you can adjust it by dragging the column separator. Column width selectors
Reorder pinned items To move pinned items up and down, click the ellipsis next to the pinned item and select Move up or Move down. Move pinned items
New table columns Click the Customize table icon at the top right of the table. New table columns include:
  • Scheduled: Set to On when a project is scheduled or Off when it is not. Clicking the On link lets you see information about the scheduled project. You can also edit the project schedule if you are the project owner.
  • Project ID: The project ID can be used for debugging projects.
  • Longest Date Range: Longer date ranges increase project complexity and may increase processing and load times.
  • Number of Queries: The total number of requests made to Analytics when the project loads. A higher number of project queries increases project complexity and may increase processing and load times. This data is available only after a project has loaded or a scheduled project was sent.
New columns
Create Project modal is back When you click Create Project in Workspace, you once again get the choice between a Blank project and a Blank mobile scorecard. You can also choose from any templates your company has created. Create new

Projects serves as the Workspace home page. The Projects tab displays the Company folder, any personal folders you created, your projects, and Mobile scorecards. Use this page to view, create, and modify folders, projects, and mobile scorecards. For more information, see About Folders in Analytics.

Landing all

Projects are customized designs that combine data components, tables, and visualizations that you built or that someone else built and shared with you. Projects also refers to blank projects and blank mobile scorecards.


Several of the following settings persist during the session and across sessions. For example, the tab you selected, the selected filters, selected columns, and the column sort direction. Search results are not persistent.

UI element Definition
Edit preferences Lets you View Tutorials, and Edit user preferences.
Create new Opens the project modal where you can create a Workspace project or a Mobile scorecard or open a company template.
Show less
Show more
Toggles between not showing and showing the banner: Top banner
Workspace project Creates a blank Workspace project for you to design and build.
Mobile scorecard Creates a blank mobile scorecard for you to design and build.
Open Training Tutorial Opens the Workspace training tutorial that guides you through the process of building a new starter project in a step-by-step tutorial.
Open release notes Opens the Adobe Analytics section of the latest Adobe Experience Cloud release notes.
Filter icon Filters by tags, data views, owners, types, and other filters (Mine, Shared with me, Favorites, and Approved)
Search bar Searches all columns in the table.
Selection box Selects one or more projects to display the project management actions you can perform: Delete, Share, Rename, Copy, Unpin, Move Up, Move Down, Tag, Approve, Export CSV, and Move to. You may not have permissions to perform all listed actions.
Favorites Adds a star next to a favorite project or folder that can be used as a filter.
Name Identifies the name of the project.
Pin icon Pins items so they always appear at the top of your list but you can re-adjust the order by moving them up or down in the order. Use the ellipsis option menu and select Move Up or Move down in the list.
Info (i) icon Displays the following information about a project: Type, Project Role, Owner, Description, and who it is shared with. It also indicates who can edit or duplicate this project.
Ellipsis (…) Displays the project management actions you can perform: Delete, Share, Rename, Copy, Unpin, Move Up, Move Down, Tag, Approve, Export CSV, and Move to. You may not have permissions to perform all listed actions.
Type Indicates whether this type is a Workspace project, a Mobile scorecard, or a folder.
Tags Tags projects to organize them into groups.
Project Role Identifies the project roles: whether you are the project Owner and whether you have permissions to Edit or Duplicate the project.
Data View Identifies the data views that are associated with the project.
Tables and visualizations within a panel derive data from the data view selected in the top right of the panel. The data view also determines what components are available in the left rail. Within a project, you can use one or many data views depending on your analysis use cases. The list of data views is sorted on relevance. Adobe defines relevance based on how recently and frequently the suite has been used by the current user, and how frequently the suite is used within the organization.
Owner Identifies the person who created the project.
Last opened Identifies the date you last opened the project.
Customize table icon Selects which columns to view in the table. To add or remove columns from the list of projects, click the column icon (Landing all ) in the top-right, then select or deselect column titles.
SHOW: Folders & Projects or All Projects Changes the view setting on the table to show folders and projects according to your folder organization or show all of your projects in an unorganized list.
< (Back button) Returns you to your most recent landing page configuration in a Workspace project. The page configuration you had when you left the landing page will persist when you return.

Deprecation of the Project Manager Page

With the release of the new landing page, we deprecated Project Manager as listed under the Components manager. The new landing page handles all of the functionality of the old Project Manager page and more.

One common use case for the Project Manager page was to view all your projects. To view all of your projects on the new landing page by using the filter rail, select OTHER FILTERS and then select Show all.

Other filters

If you’re in the “Folders & Projects” view, a modal will pop-up asking if you want to switch to the “All projects” view which makes it easier to view all of your projects outside of any folders that they may be organized in. Select Switch to “All projects” view to better view all of the projects you have access to.

Switch to All projects

The Learning page contains hands-on video tours, tutorials, and links to documentation.

Use the Learning page in Customer Journey Analytics to learn:

  • Beginner, intermediate, or advanced features and use-cases in CJA
  • How to transition more seamlessly from Adobe Analytics to CJA

Access the Learning page

  1. In Customer Journey Analytics, select Workspace > Learning.

Learning page features

  • Filter content: The Filter icon in the left rail allows you to filter learning content by experience level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) and by content type (Document, Video, or Tours & tutorials).
  • Track progress: After you select a piece of content, a Viewed tag appears. This tag helps you track your progress through the learning content. You can select the Viewed tag to remove it from a piece of content.
  • View additional content: While viewing any video, select the Learn more button to view related documentation content on Experience League. Or, from the Learning page, select either of the following options to view additional content:
    • Visit YouTube: View the full Analysis Workspace YouTube playlist.
    • Visit Experience League: View the full suite of CJA documentation on Experience League.
  • Fundamentals for new users: The Workspace Fundamentals tour is recommended for new users. This tour takes you directly to Workspace and walks you through the most common actions. This tour can also be relaunched any time in Workspace via the tooltip pop-over from the panel header.

Set your landing page

Users can set their preferred landing page.

  1. Go to Analytics > Components > Preferences > General.

  2. Check which landing page you would prefer:

    Set landing page

Landing page FAQ

Question Answer
Does the work I do in the beta program UI carry over to the production Workspace experience? Yes, any work done in the beta carries over to the old/current Workspace experience.
Is there a maximum number of projects I can pin? No, there is no limit on the number of projects you can pin.
Can admins designate this landing page for their users? No, admins cannot designate the landing page on behalf of users. Individual users must turn on the toggle themselves.

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