This control lets you choose a value from a system enumeration.


backColor - string

Background color (btnshadow, white).

border - string

Changes the control outline style (solid, double, inset, outset, none).

defaultIfInvalid - string

Value to be used if the value is invalid.

enum - string

Enumeration to be used.

font-size - integer

Changes the font size.

label - string

Associated label.

noInvalidErr - boolean

Does not display an error if the value is invalid.

nolabel - boolean

Hides the associated label.

readOnly - boolean

Forces the control to read only.

required - boolean

The field is mandatory.

serialize - boolean

Saves the last value selected.

useDesc - boolean

Displays the description rather than the label.

xpathEnum - xpath

Uses the value referenced by this XPath rather than the enum property for the enumeration.