Control for editing links.


backColor - string

Background color (btnshadow, white).

border - string

Changes the control outline style (solid, double, inset, outset, none).

choiceButton - boolean

Hides or shows the choice button (hidden by default).

computeStringExpr - string

Calculated field expression.

computestringKey - string

Updates the calculated string rather than the foreign key.

computeStringAlias - string

Calculated string alias.

createMode - string

Creates the link if it doesn't exist (none, inline), with the default editing mode.

externalKey - boolean

Uses the external key.

font-size - integer

Changes the font size.

form - string

Forces the link editing form.

label - string

Associated label.

loadEntityOnChange - boolean

Reloads the entity when the link changes.

mandatory - boolean

Denies empty values.

noAutoComplete - boolean

Disables the autocompletion mode.

noEdition - boolean

The link cannot be modified.

nolabel - boolean

Hides the associated label.

notifyPathList - string

List of XPaths separated from the linked elements by commas, to load in the context.

noTransaction - boolean

Disables the transactional mode.

noZoom - boolean

No link editing form.

orderBy - element

Scheduling of choices.

readOnly - boolean

Forces the control to read only.

required - boolean

The field is mandatory.

schema - string

Schema of the link.

serialize - boolean

Saves the last selection in the user configuration.

sysFilter - element

Limitation of choices.

xpathMandatory - string

Path to a boolean property which indicates whether or not the link can be empty.


<input xpath="operator">
    <condition expr="@type= 1/>
    <node expr="@name"/>

<input xpath="/tmp/recipient" type="linkEdit" label="Recipient"