Arranges several containers vertically.


backColor - string

Background color (btnshadow, white).

name - string

Container ID.

padding-left - integer

Space in pixel to the left of the container.

padding-right - integer

Space in pixel to the right of the container.

padding-top - integer

Space in pixel above the container.

padding-bottom - integer

Space in pixel below the container.

padding - integer

Space in pixel around the container.

readOnly - boolean

Forces control and all its descendants to read only.


Each sub-element must be a container. Each of its sub-containers can specify the percentage of the total height they want to use thanks to the height-percent property. Example:
<container type="hpaned">
  <container label="Group 1" height-percent="25"/>
    <input .../>
  <container label="Group 2" height-percent="75"/>
    <input .../>