Get started with text messaging get-started-sms

Use Journey Optimizer to send text messages (SMS/MMS) to your customers on their mobile devices. You can create, personalize, and preview messages in text format from the SMS/MMS editor.

Text messages can be created and sent in a journey or in a campaign. For MMS and SMS, use the SMS action.

  • In a Journey. Create a journey, add an SMS activity, and define basic settings, then browse to the Actions: SMS right pane to create the content for the SMS/MMS message. Learn how to create a journey in this page.

  • In a Campaign. Create a campaign, select SMS as your action and define basic settings, then edit the message content to define the SMS/MMS message to send. Learn how to create a campaign in this page.

Adobe Journey Optimizer sends text messages through SMS service providers (or SMS gateway providers). Before creating your SMS/MMS message, configure your service provider for text messages with Journey Optimizer. Learn more.

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