Publish your journey publishing-the-journey

You can publish a journey after testing its validity.

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If you need to make modifications to a published journey, you need to create a new version of your journey. See this page. When a journey is read-only, you can only modify the activity labels and descriptions, the journey’s name and the journey’s description.

If you stop a journey, it will be permanently stopped. All the persons flowing in the journey will be permanently stopped and the journey will stop allowing new entrances. If you need to use the journey again, you need to duplicate it and publish it.

  1. Before publishing your journey, verify that it is valid and that there is no error. You won’t be able to publish a journey with errors. See this section. It is also recommended to test your journey before publication. See this page.

  2. To publish the journey, click on the Publish option, located in the top right drop-down menu.

When the journey is published, it is in read-only mode.

If changes are made to an offer decision which is being used in a journey’s message, you need to unpublish the journey and republish it. This will ensure that the changes are incorporated into the journey’s message and that the message is consistent with the latest updates.

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Learn how to publish a journey.