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The fallback offer is sent to customers if they are not eligible for other offers. The steps to create a fallback offer consist in creating one or several representations, like when creating an offer.

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The list of fallback offers is accessible in the Offers menu.

To create a fallback offer, follow these steps:

Note that, unlike personalized offers, fallback offers have no eligibility rules and constraint parameters, because they are presented to customers as last resorts with no condition.
  1. Click Create offer, then select Fallback offer.

  2. Specify the fallback offer’s name. You can also associate one or several existing collection qualifier(s) (previously known as “tags”) to it, allowing you to search and organize the Offer Library more easily.

  3. To assign custom or core data usage labels to the offer, select Manage access. Learn more on Object Level Access Control (OLAC)

  4. Create one or several representations for the fallback offer. To do this, drag and drop placements from the left pane, like when creating a personalized offer. See Create personalized offers.

  5. Once the fallback offer’s representations have been added, a summary displays. If everything is configured properly and your fallback offer is ready to be presented to customers, click Finish, then select Save and approve.

    You can also save the fallback offer as a draft, in order to edit and approve it later on.

  6. The fallback offer displays in the list with the Live or Draft status, depending on whether you approved it or not in the previous step.

    It is now ready to be delivered to customers. You can select it to display its properties and edit it.

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