Create personalized offers create-personalized-offers

Before creating an offer, make sure that you created:

  • A placement in which the offer will be displayed. See Create placements
  • If you want to add an eligibility condition: a decision rule that will define the condition under which the offer will be presented. See Create decision rules.
  • One or several collection qualifiers (previously known as “tags”) that you may want to associate to the offer. See Create collection qualifiers.

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The list of personalized offers is accessible in the Offers menu.

Create an offer create-offer

To create an offer, follow these steps:

  1. Click Create offer, then select Personalized offer.

  2. Specify the offer’s name as well as its start and end date and time. Outside of these dates, the offer won’t be selected by the Decisioning engine.

    note note
    When selecting times, your current time zone is taken into account.

    note caution
    Updating the start/end dates can have an impact on capping. Learn more
  3. You can also associate one or several existing collection qualifiers to the offer, allowing you to search and organize the Offer Library more easily. Learn more.

  4. The Offer attributes section allows you to associate key-value pairs with the offer for reporting and analysis purposes.

  5. To assign custom or core data usage labels to the offer, select Manage access. Learn more on Object Level Access Control (OLAC)

  6. Add representations to define where your offer will display in the message. Learn more

    note caution
    The size of an offer including all its representations cannot exceed 300KB.
  7. Add constraints to set the conditions for the offer to be displayed. Learn more

    note note
    When you select audiences or decision rules, you can see information on the estimated qualified profiles. Click Refresh to update data.
    Note that profile estimates are unavailable when rule parameters include data not in the profile such as context data. For example, an eligibility rule that requires the current weather to be ≥80 degrees.

  8. Review and save the offer. Learn more

Review the offer review

Once eligibility rules and constraints have been defined, a summary of the offer properties displays.

  1. Make sure everything is configured properly.

  2. You can display information on the estimated qualified profiles. Click Refresh to update data.

  3. When your offer is ready to be presented to users, click Finish.

  4. Select Save and approve.

    You can also save the offer as a draft, in order to edit and approve it later on.

The offer displays in the list with the Approved or Draft status, depending on whether you approved it or not in the previous step.

It is now ready to be delivered to users.

Manage offers offer-list

From the offer list, you can select the offer to display its properties. You can also edit it, change its status (Draft, Approved, Archived), duplicate the offer, or delete it.

Select the Edit button to go back to the offer edition mode, where you can modify the offer’s details, representations, as well as edit the eligibility rules and constraints.

Select an approved offer and click Undo approve to set the offer status back to Draft.

To set again the status to Approved, select the corresponding button that is now displayed.

The More actions button enables the actions described below.

  • Duplicate: creates an offer with the same properties, representations, eligibility rules and constraints. By default, the new offer has the Draft status.

  • Delete: removes the offer from the list.

    note caution
    The offer and its content will not be accessible anymore. This action cannot be undone.
    If the offer is used in a collection or a decision, it cannot be deleted. You must remove the offer from any objects first.
  • Archive: sets the offer status to Archived. The offer is still available from the list, but you cannot set its status back to Draft or Approved. You can only duplicate or delete it.

You can also delete or change the status of multiple offers at the same time by selecting the corresponding checkboxes.

If you want to change the status of several offers whith different statuses, only the relevant statuses will be changed.

Once an offer has been created, you can click its name from the list.

This enables you to access detailed information for that offer. Select the Change log tab to monitor all the changes that have been made to the offer.

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