Export datasets to cloud storage locations export-datasets

Journey Optimizer allows you to establish a live connection with cloud storage locations in order to export the content of your datasets.

By periodically exporting your data, you can ensure that you have a complete and up-to-date record of your customer interactions, making it readily available for reporting, archival, or data analysis purposes.

Available cloud storage destinations destinations

You can export datasets to 6 cloud storage destinations which are accessible from the Destinations menu, in the Catalog tab.

Detailed information on each destination is available in Adobe Experience Platform documentation:

Available datasets for exporting datasets

Understand from the table below which Journey Optimizer datasets you can export.

AJO BCC Feedback Event Dataset
AJO BCC Feedback Event Dataset
AJO Classification Dataset
Dataset for ingesting email and push application feedback events from Journey Optimizer. Created through SDK.
AJO Consent Service Dataset
Stores consent information of a profile.
AJO Email Tracking Experience Event Dataset
Interaction logs for Email channel which is used for reporting and audience creation purposes.
AJO Entity Dataset
Dataset to store entity metadata for messages sent to the end user.
AJO Inbound Activity Event Dataset
Dataset for Journey Optimizer web & inApp channels for delivery & interaction events.
AJO Interactive Messaging Profile Dataset
Stores profiles created to support API-triggered Campaigns
AJO Message Feedback Event Dataset
Message delivery logs. Information on all message delivery from Journey Optimizer for reporting and audience creation purposes. Feedback from Email ISPs on bounces is also recorded in this dataset.
AJO Profile Counters Extension
Holds a map of objects containing counter_value and expiryDate, keyed by counter_id
AJO Push Profile Dataset
Stores push tokens of a profile.
AJO Push Tracking Experience Event Dataset
Interaction logs for Push channel which is used for reporting and audience creation purposes.
AJO Surfaces Dataset
Empty dataset related to Journey Optimizer Inbound Surfaces schema
Contains all AO audience memberships to be written back to UPS
Audience Orchestration Profile Dataset
Generated by audience composition for audience composition audiences. Contains all audience composition audiences, their attributes and enrichment data
Decision Object Repository - Activities
also known as Decisions in the user interface. But these are the objects a user creates that puts all the building blocks together including the decisioning logic. For example, for a particular placement (location), which offers should be considered (offer collection), and what ranking method to use on those offers.
Decision Object Repository - Fallback Offers
this is the repository for the other type of offer that a user creates. Specifically if they are not eligible to see a personalized offer and they need to see something, they will at least see the fallback offer. This dataset contains the attributes for this type of offer
Decision Object Repository - Personalized Offers
this is the repository for a type of offer that a user creates. So this dataset contains the attributes about this type of offer
Decision Object Repository - Placements
this is the repository of objects that define the location of where an offer needs to be displayed.
Journey Step Events
Captures All Journey Step Experience Events generated from Journey Optimizer to be consumed by services like Reporting.
Metadata dataset housing information of each step in a journey
ODE DecisionEvents - prod decisioning
Anytime we make a decision based on a request, we count that as a decision event

Prerequisites prerequisites

To export datasets, you need the access control permissions listed below. Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.

Manage and Activate Dataset Destinations
Data Management
View Datasets
View Destinations

Key steps to export datasets main-steps

The main steps to export a dataset to a cloud storage location are as follows:

Detailed information on each step is available in Adobe Experience Platform documentation.

  1. Setup your cloud storage destination. If you have not done so already, connect to a cloud storage destination from the destinations catalog. Learn how to create a new destination connection in Adobe Experience Platform documentation.

  2. Select the cloud storage destination where you want to export your datasets. In the destinations catalog, click the Export datasets button on the desired card and select the connection to use.

    note note
    If you are using Adobe Journey Optimizer along with Real-Time Customer profiles, destination cards will display an Activate button, allowing you to both export datasets and activate audiences for this destination, depending on the permissions you have enabled.
  3. Select the dataset(s) that you want to export to the selected destination. Learn more on Journey Optimizer datasets available for exporting

  4. Schedule the export of your dataset. Specify when the export should start and at which frequency it should occur.

  5. Review and confirm the export by checking the summary that displays at the end of the configuration.

Once the export is complete, the content of your dataset is deposited on your cloud storage location according to the schedule you have configured. Learn how to verify successful dataset export.