Personalization contexts personalization-areas

The content and display of messages delivered by Journey Optimizer can be personalized in several different ways. In every fields with the editor icon, you can open the personalization editor (also known as personalization editor) and define personalization.

Personalize your emails personalize-emails

When you create an email, you can add personalization in the Subject line field of the message.

In the Email designer, you can personalize the content:

  • In the message: click inside a text block, click the Add Personalization icon from the contextual toolbar. For more on the Email Designer interface, see this section.

  • For a link: select some text or image inside a text block, click the Insert link icon from the contextual toolbar. In the window, you can add a personalization block by clicking on the Add personalization icon.

In both cases, you access the personalization editor.

Personalize your push notifications personalize-push

You can also personalize your Push notifications in the following fields:

  • Title
  • Body
  • Custom sound
  • Badges
  • Custom data

Learn more about Push notification configuration in this section.

Personalize your offers personalize-offers

You can also access the personalization editor when adding text-type content to your offers’ representations.

Learn more on managing content with Decision management in this section.

Create personalized URLs personalize-urls

Personalized URLs take recipients to specific pages of a website, or to a personalized microsite, depending on the profile attributes. In Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can add personalization to URLs in your message content. URL personalization can be applied to text and images, and use profile data or contextual data.

Learn how to insert a personalized URL in this section.