Adobe Experience Platform release notes

Release date: March 31, 2021

Updates to existing features in Adobe Experience Platform:

Data Prep data-prep

Data Prep allows data engineers to map, transform, and validate data to and from Experience Data Model (XDM).

add_to_array function
Updated functionality to support arrays as a parameter.
to_array function
Updated functionality to support objects as a parameter.

For more information, please see the Data Prep overview.

Segmentation Service segmentation

Adobe Experience Platform Segmentation Service provides a user interface and RESTful API that allows you to build segments and generate audiences from your Real-Time Customer Profile data. These segments are centrally configured and maintained on Platform, making them readily accessible by any Adobe application.

Segmentation Service defines a particular subset of profiles by describing the criteria that distinguishes a marketable group of people within your customer base. Segments can be based on record data (such as demographic information) or time series events representing customer interactions with your brand.

New features

(Beta) Edge segmentation
Edge segmentation evaluates segments in real-time, which allow for same page and next page personalization use cases. More information about edge segmentation can be found in the Segmentation UI overview.
(Beta) Incremental segmentation
Increases the freshness of existing segment definitions evaluated in batch segmentation to up to an hour.

For more information on Segmentation Service, please see the Segmentation overview.

Sources sources

Adobe Experience Platform can ingest data from external sources while allowing you to structure, label, and enhance that data using Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, third-party software, and your CRM system.

Experience Platform provides a RESTful API and an interactive UI that lets you set up source connections for various data providers with ease. These source connections allow you to authenticate and connect to external storage systems and CRM services, set times for ingestion runs, and manage data ingestion throughput.

Beta sources moving to GA

The following sources have been promoted from beta to GA:

API support for compressed file ingestion
You can now preview and ingest compressed JSON or delimited files using cloud storage sources. For more information, see the tutorial on collecting cloud storage data using APIs.
UI support for recursive file uploading
You can now ingest entire folders recursively when using a cloud storage source. When ingesting an entire folder, you must ensure that its contents share the same schema. For more information, see the tutorial on configuring a dataflow for cloud storage connectors in the UI.

To learn more about sources, see the sources overview.