Default store settings for Amazon listings

After your store is connected and you’ve set up your first listing rule, the sync of data between Amazon and Commerce starts. There are several types of store settings that allow you to customize your store for your needs. Store settings are accessed on the store dashboard.

Store settings include:

Some important default settings

Import Amazon Orders
Creates corresponding Commerce orders when new orders are received from Amazon, allowing orders to be managed in the Commerce Orders workflow. When Disabled, Amazon orders import order information for review, but orders must be managed in your Amazon Seller Central account.
Order Settings
Customer Creation
No Customer Creation (guest)
Customer data from Amazon orders is not imported into your Commerce database. Imported Amazon orders are processed as a guest checkout. If you want to build your Commerce customer database, you should change this setting to Build New Customer Account.
Order Settings
Automatic List Action
Automatically List Eligible Products
Commerce catalog products (that meet Amazon’s eligibility requirements) to automatically publish to Amazon and create Amazon Listings. If you want to manually review and publish your products, you should change this setting to Do Not Automatically List Eligible Products. Products waiting for manual publish appear on the Ready to List tab.
Product Listing Actions
Magento Price Source
Defines the price source attribute used as the base for your Amazon listings. If you do not want to use the Commerce Price attribute as your base price to which your pricing rules are based, you should change this setting to a different attribute.
Listing Price
Product Fulfilled By
Fulfilled by Merchant
The merchant fulfills all orders. If you use Fulfillment by Amazon or use a mix of fulfillment methods, you should change this setting.
Fulfilled by
Listing Product Condition
If all your products are the same condition, you can select one of the Amazon condition options to represent all of your products. If your catalog contains products in different conditions (such as New, Used, and Refurbished), you must change this setting to Assign Condition Using Product Attribute and map your Commerce condition attributes to your Amazon listing conditions.
Product Listing Condition
Listing Rules
Define the rules used to determine which products Amazon sales channel publishes to Amazon. These rules provide many options to create simple to complex rules to include or exclude products as listings.
Listing Rules
Pricing Rules
Define your Amazon listing price attribute different than the defined Magento Price Source in your Listing Price. To adjust your listing price (up or down) against your Magento Price Source setting, create rules.
Pricing Rules

For more information, see Store Settings.