Amazon Sales Channel Guide

This guide is intended for administrators of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. It includes detailed information about installation and onboarding of Amazon sales channel, as well as configuration and management of the services. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration and functionality.

Amazon sales channel has two areas for administrators:

  • The Admin: Use this area to access the configuration UI and reporting.
  • The command-line interface: Use this tool to execute installation and backend configuration tasks.

This guide reviews some basic Amazon Seller Central information, the requirements for setting up your Amazon sales channel. It also includes details about the onboarding and integration process, the available store, product, price and other options, and how you can use Amazon sales channel to manage your listings and sales in the Amazon Marketplace. Use the left rail to navigate through various functionalities and drill down to access detailed information and procedures.

This guide does not cover the core capabilities of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.
Introduction to Amazon sales channel
Learn more about Amazon sales channel basics, key features, best practices, and more.
Onboard Amazon sales channel
Quickly create Amazon stores and integrate with Amazon Seller Central. Get your Amazon sales channel up and running to start selling.
Amazon sales channel home
Learn more about your Amazon sales channel home page and the options and tasks available. View summary information about your Amazon stores and access store details and settings.
Manage attributes
Amazon sales channel maps products between your Commerce catalog and Amazon using product attributes. Learn more about creating, mapping, and managing those attributes.
Manage store settings
View and modify your store settings, including listing settings, order settings, and listing and pricing rules.
Manage listings
As you sell through the Amazon Marketplace, you can update, add, and manage your listings (settings, rules, and pricing). Learn more about creating and modifying your store and listing settings.
Manage orders and fulfillment
Amazon sales channel supports order fulfillment and shipments through Amazon and Commerce. Learn more about fulfilling through Amazon, directly through Commerce, and order management options.
View logs and reports
Learn more about tracked errors and interactions between Amazon and Commerce.

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If you need information or have questions that are not covered in this guide, use the following resources:

  • Help center—See the Amazon Sales Channel-related troubleshooting articles.
  • Support tickets—Submit a ticket to receive additional help.