Adobe Commerce Content and Design Guide

This guide is intended for content designers and merchandisers working in Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. It provides detailed information about content and design features, including the building basic content components. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration, and functionality.

This guide covers:

Overview of using the content and site design features to reflect your branding and style on your store.
Content Menu
Use the Content menu to access multiple features for managing the content in your store.
Use the design tools to control the theme and page layouts for your storefront. The Design Configuration makes it easy to edit design-related rules and configuration settings by displaying the settings on a single page.
Content Elements
In this section of the guide, you will find detailed information for creating and managing content pages and blocks, and use widgets to add dynamic content.
The editor gives you the ability to enter and format while working in a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) view of the content.
Media Storage helps you organize and gain access to media files that are stored on the server. You can upload your media assets and integrate Adobe Stock with Commerce to get access to countless media assets for use in your store.
Content Staging
Content staging gives your business team the ability to easily create, preview, and schedule a wide range of content updates for your store directly from the Admin.

Available documentation

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