Content menu

The Content menu displayed in the Admin

When the new Media Gallery is enabled, the Media section appears with a single option to access the Media Gallery. You can set the Enable Old Media Gallery option to No by going to Stores > Settings > Configuration and choosing Advanced > System in the left panel.

Display the Content menu

On the Admin sidebar, choose Content.


  • Create pages with text, images, blocks, variables, and widgets. Your pages can be incorporated into the navigation of your store and can be linked to other pages.
  • Adobe Commerce (Adobe Commerce only) Organize your pages into a hierarchy with navigation.
  • Create blocks of content without writing any code. Blocks can contain text, images, and even video, and can be assigned to any part of the page layout.
  • Adobe Commerce (Adobe Commerce only) Create dynamic blocks to incorporate rich, interactive content that is driven by logic from price rules and customer segments.
  • Create widgets that display dynamic data and add blocks, links, and interactive elements most anywhere in your store.
  • Create templates from your Page Builder content and save time and effort when adding new content (or replacing older content).
The Banners option in this menu was deprecated in 2.3.1 and is now removed. Its functionality is replaced by Dynamic Blocks.

Design design-features

Manage the visual presentation of your store:

  • Set the Design configuration to maintain different settings for each website, store, and view in your Commerce installation.

  • Use themes, which are collections of layout files, template files, translation files, and skins, to determine the visual presentation of your store.

  • Use the schedule to plan theme changes in advance for a season or promotion.

Content Staging

Adobe Commerce feature {width="20"} Exclusive feature only in Adobe Commerce (Learn more)

Content staging gives your business team the ability to easily create, preview, and schedule a wide range of content updates directly from the Admin of your store.