Adobe Campaign v8 Documentation

You’ll find all the Adobe Campaign v8 documentation and support you’ll need here. Get up to speed on Campaign v8 with the help of our useful guides and tutorials.

Adobe Campaign is the Adobe Experience Cloud solution for cross-channel campaign management. Learn how to use rich customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic marketing - through email, mobile, offline channels, and more.


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  • Global principles
    Learn more about Adobe Campaign architecture and components. Find out more about personalizing your client console and environment.
  • Architecture
    Discover environments and deployment basics, including how to report on a campaign environment.
  • Data model
    Get started with the Campaign data model and leverage data from your sources to benefit your communications and marketing outputs.
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  • Introduction
    Understand how Adobe Campaign fits into the Adobe Digital Experience portfolio and learn about the primary features and capabilities.
  • Create and manage profiles
    Learn how to access profile data, create profiles, and sort and filter through your creations for easier functionality. You’ll also learn how to be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • Create and design email deliveries
    Understand the process of creating an email delivery and learn how to design and personalize email content.
  • Fundamentals of data management with workflows
    Learn what targeting dimensions and working tables are, and how Adobe Campaign manages data across different data sources.
  • Generate a descriptive analysis report
    Learn how to generate a descriptive analysis report from a workflow in Adobe Campaign V8.
  • Control Panel
    The Control Panel allows Campaign administrators to monitor key assets and perform administrative tasks, such as managing SFTP storage, GPG keys, or subdomains and certificates.
  • Deliverability best practice guide
    Learn key deliverability terms, concepts, and approaches to empower you to ensure your marketing program success.
  • Integrate with Experience Manager
    Learn how to connect Adobe Campaign with Adobe Experience Manager to allow you to manage email delivery templates, assets, and forms in Experience Manager.
  • Blueprint: Campaign with Real-Time CDP
    Showcases how the Adobe Experience Platform and its Real-Time Customer Profile and centralized segmentation tool can be utilized with Adobe Campaign to deliver personalized conversations.
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    Learn how to use the features and capabilities of the Adobe Campaign V8 Client Console.

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