Adobe Campaign Classic v7 Documentation

Adobe Campaign is the Adobe Experience Cloud solution for cross-channel campaign management. Learn how to use rich customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic campaigns—through email, mobile, offline channels, and more.

Here you can find self-help and learning resources to implement and use Adobe Campaign Classic.


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  • Get started
    Discover key capabilities, user interface and global guidelines
  • Send messages
    Create deliveries to send personalized messages on different channels
  • Campaign automation
    Define, optimize, execute and analyse marketing campaigns
  • Reports
    Analyze the success of your campaigns in build-in or customized reports
  • Workflows
    Automate processes with workflows, manage data and audiences, send messages, and more
  • Integration
    Use other Adobe solutions and combine their different capabilities with Campaign
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Developer and Administrator Resources lists-documentation-2

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  • Introduction
    Understand how Adobe Campaign Classic fits into the Adobe Digital Experience portfolio and get an overview over its primary features and capabilities.
  • Create and manage profiles
    Understand the concept of profiles. Learn how to access profile data, sort and filter profiles and manually create and manage profiles. Learn about GDPR and CCPA.
  • Creating an email from a campaign
    Learn how to create an email delivery directly from a campaign.
  • Creating multi-channel campaigns
    Learn how to create a multi-channel campaign using email, SMS, and a direct mail delivery, based on the recipient’s preferred channel.
  • Generating a descriptive analysis report
    Learn how to generate a descriptive analysis report from a workflow in Adobe Campaign Classic.
  • Control Panel
    The Control Panel allows Campaign administrators to monitor key assets and perform administrative tasks, such as managing SFTP storage, GPG keys, or subdomains and certificates.
  • Deliverability best practice guide
    Learn key deliverability terms, concepts, and approaches to empower you to ensure your marketing program success.
  • Blueprint: Campaign with Real-Time CDP
    Showcases how the Adobe Experience Platform and its Real-Time Customer Profile and centralized segmentation tool can be utilized with Adobe Campaign to deliver personalized conversations.
  • Blueprint: Journey Optimizer
    Execute triggered messages and experiences using Adobe Experience Platform as a central hub of streaming data, customer profiles, and segmentation.
  • See All Tutorials
    Videos and tutorials for Adobe Campaign Classic v7.

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