VISTA rules in Adobe Analytics

VISTA rules are an alternate form of custom data modification that you can apply between data collection and processing. See Processing order for more information around the exact stage in the data pipeline that VISTA rules apply. VISTA rules only impact current data as it is collected; it does not alter existing data.

Some common use cases of VISTA rules include:

  • Copy an Analytics hit from one report suite to another, optionally altering data to the copied report suite
  • Custom IP exclusion that exceeds the use cases offered by Exclude by IP
  • Conditionally or globally modify any variable value
  • Duplicate variable values to other variables
  • Upload files to an Adobe FTP site that can impact variable values

Many use cases to VISTA rules are already offered by Processing rules, Bot rules, Virtual report suites, or simply updating your Adobe Analytics implementation. Adobe recommends VISTA rules only as a last resort.

VISTA rules require a paid agreement between your organization and Adobe Professional Services. Contact your Adobe Account Team if you want to create or update a VISTA rule.

Create a VISTA rule create

You must work with Adobe Professional Services in order to create a VISTA rule. Contact your Adobe Account Team if you want to create a VISTA rule.

See existing VISTA rules see

Adobe does not offer a UI to view existing VISTA rules. Contact your Adobe Account Team or Customer Care with the desired report suite to retrieve a list of existing VISTA rules.