Audience Analytics use cases

Ad Sales and Content Decisions section_A7A001BCC6874961A8B0A70503D6B00D

As a Media Publisher, you can provide not only size but audience effectiveness metrics to your ad sales team. You can also determine what content resonates best with specific demographic segments, like “Women in their 30s who are 1st-time moms.”

Re-Targeting Opportunities section_29C46BA00B3D43CE8A433EA64072D952

As a Travel Company, you can quickly overlay destination preferences with purchase behavior to see which audiences have a higher propensity to book. You can then re-target these audiences.

Look-Alike Modeling section_E2E2DD1495BC4FE9A3E26541962BFF3F

As a Multi-Media Publisher, you can compare your 3rd-party audiences using Segment IQ to understand key differentiating characteristics. This helps you build high-value 1st-party segments to then use for targeting.

Prospect Analysis section_7DB1D045DD3F417CBA48C68E9E81E6C0

As a B2B Retailer, you can now deeply analyze the behavior of your prospect audience right before they purchase using sequential segmentation, which helps you understand what actions drive conversion.

Demographic Targeting section_F034DB721A06419283DBD29D4A1B444B

As a Destination Resort, you can use Histograms in Analysis Workspace to see purchases distributed by age. This helps you find the right audience to target for each of your resort properties.