Create filters

You can create different types of filters in Workspace, depending on how complex they need to be, whether they should apply to the current project only or to all projects, and so forth.

Following is a summary of the filter types that are available, with links to information about how to create them:

Filter type
Created where?
Applicable where?
When to use
Component-list filter
Click +, which takes you to the Filter Builder
All your Workspace projects
For more complex filters, sequential filters
Quick filter
Quick filter builder
Project only, but can save and add to your segment list.
Can be used for ad hoc single-rule filters (with drag-and-drop), or to add/edit multiple rules (by clicking the Filter icon)
Filters in fallout analysis
Fallout visualization in Analysis Workspace
To individual fallout visualizations
Create filters from a touchpoint, add filters as touchpoint, and compare key workflows across various filters
Calculated metrics-based filter
Calculated metric builder
To individual calculated metric
Apply filter/s within your metric definition

When applying filters to a freeform project, several other methods are also available:

Create filter from selection

Create an inline filter. This filter applies only to the open project and is not saved as a Customer Journey Analytics filter.

1. Select which table rows you want to be part of the filter. 2. Right-click the selection. 3. Click Create filter from selection.

Workspace Components > New Filter
Displays the Filter Builder. See Filter Builder for more information about filtering.
Share > Share Project or Share > Curate Project Data
In Share projects or Curate projects, learn how filters that you apply to the project are available in shared analysis for the recipient.
Use filters as dimensions

The following video demonstrates how to use filters as dimensions:

Use filters as dimensions in Analysis Workspace