About click-tracking URL formats for the Adobe Advertising conversion tracking service

The tracking templates, landing page suffixes (final URL suffixes), and destination URLs for ad accounts and campaigns that use the Adobe Advertising conversion tracking service have the following format:

http://pixel.everesttech.net/<advertiser_ID>/<token passing parameter>?ev_sid=<ad network ID>&<tracking ID>&url=<the landing page>


  • http://pixel.everesttech.net redirects the user to the Adobe Advertising pixel servers.

  • <advertiser_ID> is a variable for the unique user ID assigned to the advertiser within Adobe Advertising.

  • <token passing parameter> is a variable for one of the following:

    • cq? or rq denotes token passing is enabled.

    • c? or r denotes token passing is disabled.

  • <ad network ID> is a variable for the numeric ID for the specified ad network, such as 3 for Google Ads, 10 for Microsoft Advertising, 45 for Meta, 86 for Yahoo! Display Network, 87 for Naver, 88 for Baidu, 90 for Yandex, 94 for Yahoo! Japan Ads, 105 for Yahoo Native (deprecated), or 106 for Pinterest (deprecated).

  • <tracking ID> is a variable for a system-generated tracking ID string that identifies a keyword, ad, or placement that is unique in the account. The string varies by ad network.

  • <the landing page> is a variable that represents the URL on your site to which end users are directed. For accounts with destination URLs, this value is an URL. For accounts with tracking templates, this value is a parameter (such as {lpurl}) that represents the final URL.

See the separate pages indicating the Baidu formats, Google Ads formats, Microsoft Advertising formats, Naver formats, Yahoo! Display Network formats, Yahoo! Japan Ads formats, and Yandex formats.