Options for managing ad network campaigns

You can create and edit supported campaign structure and campaign component data
for an ad network account by any of the following methods:

  • Option 1: Enter data for individual or multiple components directly into the campaign component list views in Search > Campaigns > Campaigns. You can create, edit, and delete campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, Google Ads placements, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising sitelink libraries and assignments, and Google Ads callout extension libraries and assignments. You also can manage shopping product groups, dynamic search targets, Google Ads audiences and Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising audience targets. You can also create and edit multiple campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads at the same time using the copy and paste feature. This option is available for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! Japan Ads, Yandex, and existing Baidu accounts only*.

  • Option 2: Upload bulksheet files containing as much data as you want for an account from Search > Campaigns > Bulksheets. For Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Naver, Yandex, and existing Baidu accounts, you can post the data to the ad network. For Naver, you can upload the data for use within Search, Social, & Commerce but can’t post it to the ad network.

    You can optionally download, but not upload or post, bulksheet files with data for existing Pinterest, Yahoo Native, and Yahoo! Display Network accounts.

  • Option 3: Set up an automated process to create account structure and dynamic ads and keywords targeted to each item in your inventory according to an ad network-specific ad template you create from Search > Campaigns > Advanced (ACM). Create templates based on the contents of inventory data files you upload manually or to an FTP location, or the contents of a Google Merchant Center or Microsoft Merchant Center account. You can configure your data to be automatically posted as soon as it’s created or manually post it to the ad networks after you review it. This option is available for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! Japan Ads, and Yandex accounts.

    You can’t create placements using this method.