Associate shared sitelinks with accounts, campaigns, and ad groups

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising only

You can create ad extensions by assigning sitelinks from your Sitelinks library to account entities, for use on the search network only. For Google Ads accounts, you can assign sitelinks to accounts or to campaigns and ad groups on the search network. For Microsoft Advertising accounts, you can assign sitelinks to campaigns on the search network (and to accounts and ad groups from within the Microsoft Advertising ad manager).

You must have at least six active sitelinks for both desktop and mobile for your sitelinks to appear with ads. You can assign up to 20 sitelinks per account, campaign or ad group.

  1. In the main menu, click Search > Campaigns > Campaigns. In the submenus, click Live > Extensions > Associations.

  2. In the toolbar above the data table, click Create , and then select Sitelink.

  3. Select the ad network and the account name, and then click Continue.

  4. Enter the sitelink extension settings:

    1. In the Sitelinks section, select the applicable sitelinks from a list of all sitelinks in your library.

    For tips on selecting multiple rows, see “Select multiple rows.”

    1. In the Assignment section, select the accounts, campaigns, and ad groups to which the selected sitelinks are assigned:

    • (Optional) To expand an account to view its campaign, click the account name. Similarly, to expand a campaign to view its child ad groups, click the campaign name.

    • (Optional) To filter a campaign list or ad group list by a text string included in the name, click Filter , either enter or paste the text string into the input field, and then press the Enter key.

    • Select the circle ( Select ) next to each entity to which the sitelinks are assigned.

  5. Click Post.