About sitelink extensions

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising only

A sitelink is an extra text link in a text ad listing. Use sitelinks to take users directly to specific pages in your site. The ad network determines which sitelinks to display with an ad, based on the relevance of the sitelink to the ad. You can optionally include descriptive text for each sitelink, which may be included in the ad. The ad network may automatically display ad copy from existing ads in the account with the sitelink when the ad copy is highly relevant to the sitelink. Google Ads may show 2-6 sitelinks in a desktop ad and up to four sitelinks in a mobile ad. Microsoft Advertising may show two, four, or six sitelinks with descriptions or 4-6 sitelinks without descriptions.

You create shared sitelink text and settings, including dates during which the sitelinks can appear with ads, at the account level.

The Extensions > Sitelinks library in Campaigns > Campaigns lists all of your account-level sitelinks, and you can create and manage your shared sitelinks there. See the ad network help for the maximum number of ad extensions per Google Ads account and per Microsoft Advertising account. Sitelinks in your library aren’t used with your ads until you assign them to account entities.

From the Extensions > Associations view, you can assign any of your sitelinks as possible extensions to all ads at the account level (Google Ads only), campaign level, or ad group level (Google Ads only).

Search, Social, & Commerce maps the clicks an ad extension and the resulting conversion to the keyword associated with the ad in which the extension is included. No cost or click data at the extension level is available in Search, Social, & Commerce. However, in the Transaction Report, you can tell if a transaction resulted from a sitelink (rather than from the ad itself) when the value in the Link Type column is listed as sl:<Sitelink text>, such as sl:See Current Offers.

In Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, you can see cost and click data on the Ad Extensions tab.