Monitor and manage the performance of your ad network campaigns

The Adobe Account Team, the agency team, or the advertiser (depending on the terms of the service level agreement) need to monitor the performance of each campaign and portfolio (when applicable) and to change the relevant components and settings as necessary to meet the advertiser’s goals.

Monitor the performance of campaigns and portfolios

Routinely monitor the performance of each campaign by:

Manage performance and adjust the campaign and portfolio structures

Based on performance, you may need to perform additional business operations, including:

  • Adjusting account/campaign structures to accommodate changes in marketing strategy.

  • Adding/editing/pausing/deleting campaign components. This may include expanding keyword sets based on search term analysis, and making adjustments based on ad copy testing.

  • Updating geographical and site targeting strategies based on advanced performance reports.

  • Stopping bids on ads and keywords in a campaign by pausing the campaign or making the portfolio inactive.

  • (When applicable) Assigning a campaign to a new portfolio.

  • (When applicable) Adjusting the portfolio strategies to improve performance and take advantage of opportunities for growth.

    For more information, see the Optimization Guide, which is available from within Search, Social, & Commerce.