Assign campaigns to a portfolio

Assigning a campaign to an optimized portfolio allows Search, Social, & Commerce to optimize bids and campaign budgets for keywords and ads in the campaign. You can assign campaigns to a portfolio from the Campaigns view, when you create the portfolio, or by editing a portfolio’s settings.

Not all campaign types and ad networks are eligible for optimization; see a list of supported campaign types that you can include in a portfolio. In addition, verify the optimization support for each campaign bid strategy by consulting “Eligible Portfolio Types by Campaign Bid Strategy” in the Optimization Guide chapter on “Portfolios,” which is available from within Search, Social, & Commerce.

Each campaign can be assigned to only one portfolio. If you assign a campaign that’s already associated with another portfolio to a new portfolio, then it’s removed from the original portfolio.

Assign campaigns to a portfolio from the Campaigns view

  1. In the main menu, click Search > Campaigns > Campaigns. In the submenus, click Live > Campaigns.

  2. Do either of the following:

    • (To add a single campaign to a portfolio) Hold the cursor over the campaign name, click Menu button , and then select Assign > Portfolio.

    • (To add one or more campaigns to the same portfolio) Do the following:

      1. Select the check box next to each campaign.

        For tips on selecting multiple rows, see “Select multiple rows.”

        note note
        All campaigns in a portfolio must use the same currency.
      2. In the toolbar above the data table, click More , and then click Assign > Portfolio.

  3. Select the portfolio:

    • To browse through your portfolio groups:

      1. Expand a portfolio group into its child portfolios by clicking the Portfolio Group name.

      2. Select the portfolio.

    • To search for a portfolio:

      1. Enter at least three letters in the input field.

      2. In the search results, click Select next to the portfolio name.

  4. (Optional) Click Additional Details and optionally enter a project name and description.

  5. Click Save.

Change the campaigns in a portfolio from the Portfolios view

  1. In the main menu, click Search > Optimization > Portfolios, and then locate the portfolio.

    You can filter the portfolio list from the Portfolios menu in the left panel by selecting a portfolio group or the Ungrouped Portfolios node.

  2. Next to the portfolio name, click View/edit settings button .

  3. In the left menu, click Campaigns, and then change the campaigns in the portfolio:

    • To add all filtered campaigns in the Available Campaigns section, click Assign all campaigns to portfolio .

    • To add an individual campaign in the Available Campaigns section, click the campaign, and then either drag the campaign into the Assigned Campaigns list or click Assign campaign to portfolio .

    • To remove all assigned campaigns, click Remove all campaigns from portfolio .

    • To remove an individual campaign, click the campaign, and then either drag the campaign into the Available Campaigns list or click Remove campaign from portfolio .

  4. Click Save.