Remove campaigns from a portfolio

When you remove a campaign from a portfolio, Search, Social, & Commerce can’t optimize bids and budgets for the keywords and ads in that campaign.

The action is logged in the portfolio’s change history.

For more information about optimization, see the Optimization Guide, which is available from within Search, Social, & Commerce.

  1. In the main menu, click Search > Optimization > Portfolios, and then locate the portfolio.

    You can filter the portfolio list from the Portfolios menu in the left panel by selecting a portfolio group or the Ungrouped Portfolios node.

  2. Next to the portfolio name, click View/edit settings button .

  3. In the left menu, click Campaigns, and then remove the campaigns:

    • To remove all assigned campaigns, click Remove all campaigns from portfolio .

    • To remove an individual campaign, click the campaign, and then either drag the campaign into the Available Campaigns list or click Remove campaign from portfolio .

  4. Click Save.