Change the display name for a conversion metric

You can optionally change the name that is shown in column headings for readability when a conversion metric is available for campaign and portfolio management views and in reports. For example, if you collect registration data using a conversion metric named reg, then you can optionally change the display name to see it displayed as “Registrations.”

You can’t delete an existing display name.

For metrics from Google Analytics, any manual changes to the display name are overwritten if you update or reauthenticate the integration. Similarly, any name changes within Google Analytics are ignored unless you update or reauthenticate the integration.
  1. In the main menu, click Search > Admin > Conversions.

  2. In the Display Name column for the metric, click inside the cell.

  3. Enter the name that should be displayed, and then click Apply.

    Display names must be unique and can’t include the following special characters: \"<'>&