About managing an advertiser’s conversion metrics

The conversion metrics that Adobe Advertising tracks for an advertiser, including conversion and site engagement metrics synced from Adobe Analytics, are used throughout Search, Social, & Commerce and Advertising DSP.

  • In Search, Social, & Commerce, you can use your conversion metrics to create objectives, which are used to optimize portfolios. In addition, data for the conversion metrics can be displayed in columns in campaign and portfolio management views and in reports.

  • In Advertising DSP, you can use conversion metrics to create custom goals, which are used to optimize packages.

By default, none of an advertiser’s conversion metrics — except for conversions tracked by Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Advertising universal event tracking tags — are available for campaign and portfolio management views and reports. They are available only when you specifically make them available and include a display name, which is the name that is shown. When you make a conversion metric available, you can either use the metric name exactly as it is spelled in the retrieved data or change the name that’s shown in column headings for readability.

From the list of metrics that you make available, each user with access to the advertiser’s data can customize the metrics they see for management views and reports by including or omitting specific metrics. Users with sufficient access privileges can also optimize for specific metrics by associating them with portfolios or DSP package-level custom goals.