Adobe Workfront with Anaplan

Last update: 2023-10-20
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Adobe Workfront Fusion allows you to integrate Workfront with your Anaplan account. For example, you can create campaigns in Anaplan, then create a Workfront project or program linked to the campaign. Any costs tracked in Workfront can then be uploaded back to Anaplan to review campaign performance.

For this integration, you must configure certain objects in both Anaplan and Workfront. The specific objects and configuration depend on the specific workflow. Then, you configure a Workfront Fusion template with the Anaplan and Workfront objects and fields. Workfront Fusion then automates the integration based on your configurations.

Workfront Fusion for Anaplan workflows

The Adobe Workfront with Anaplan integration offers the following workflows:

Spend optimization workflows

Workflows for linking budget requests

Workflows for linking campaign requests

Adobe Workfront with Anaplan FAQs

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