Target release notes (current)

These release notes provide information about features, enhancements, and fixes for each Adobe Target Standard and Target Premium release. In addition, release notes for Target APIs, SDKs, the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK, at.js, and other platform changes are also included, when applicable.


mbox.js end-of-life: As of March 31, 2021, Adobe Target no longer supports the mbox.js library. Post March 31, 2021, all calls made from mbox.js will gracefully fail and impact your pages that have Target activities running by serving default content.

Migrate to the most recent version of the new Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK or the at.js JavaScript library to avoid any potential issues with your sites. For more information, see Overview: implement Target for client-side web.

(The issue numbers in parentheses are for internal Adobe use.)

Target Standard/Premium 21.10.4 (October 21, 2021)

This maintenance release contains the following enhancement:

Feature Details
Cart-based Recommendations Added a new family of algorithms to deliver recommendations based on the contents of the visitor’s cart.
For more information, see “Cart-Based” in Create criteria and “Cart adds/cart views/checkout pages” and “Exclude items already in the visitor’s cart” in Plan and implement Recommendations.

Target Standard/Premium 21.10.3 (October 19, 2021)

This maintenance release contains the following enhancements, fixes, and changes:

  • Fixed issues that prevented customers from opening the A4T panel in Analysis Workspace by clicking the View in Analytics button in Target activity reporting. (TGT-42099, TGT-42100)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Edit Design button to not display while editing A/B Test and Experience Targeting (XT) activities using the Form-Based Experience Composer. (TGT-41980)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Compatible checkbox from displaying in criteria selection while creating a new Recommendations activity. (TGT-42053)
  • Fixed an incorrect error message that displayed when not being able to select Analytics as the reporting source (A4T) because of lack of Analytics permissions. (TGT-41954)
  • Implemented multiple accessibility fixes to improve keyboard navigation across the Target UI.

Target Standard/Premium 21.10.2 (October 13, 2021)

The following enhancements have been added when using Target Audiences with the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK:

  • Added warning icons, popovers, and messages in various places in the Target UI to indicate that the audience was deleted at the source and is no longer available for use in Target activities.

    The following illustrations show some of the places the icons, popovers, and messages display:

    • Activity list page

      Audience deleted at source message on Activities list page

    • Activity Overview pages:

      Audience deleted at source message on overview page

    • Experiences step of the activity-creation workflow:

      Audience deleted at source message on Experiences page

    • Targeting step of the activity-creation workflow:

      Audience deleted at source message on Targeting page

    • Goals & Settings step of the activity-creation workflow:

      Audience deleted at source message on the Goals & Settings page

    • Audience refinements (Replace Audience on the Targeting step of the activity-creation workflow):

  • If you attempt to use the Combine Audiences feature and one of audiences was deleted at the source, Save is disabled.

Target Standard/Premium 21.10.1 (October 6, 2021)

This release contains the following new features:

Feature Details
Audiences UI refresh As part of the Adobe Target team’s ongoing effort to improve the user-experience for Target users, this release refreshes the Audiences and Profile Scripts pages in the Target UI. This update unifies and standardizes design patterns that were previously inconsistent, while adding new enhancements, such as:
  • The ability to select and delete multiple audiences simultaneously
  • A refreshed audience builder design
  • Exclusion rule support in the Audience library rule builder
  • A new “Audience Source” filter, to allow for faster audience discovery
  • Session persistent search and filter options
For more information, see Audiences.
NOTE: The new Audiences UI has been temporarily disabled for all customers except those currently in a Target Beta program. This UI refresh will be reenabled for a subset of customers on Tuesday, October 19 and for all remaining customers at a later date.
Profile Scripts UI refresh The Profile Scripts library was also updated, and includes a refreshed interface along and several productivity updates:
  • The ability to select and delete multiple profile scripts simultaneously
  • A new code editor for profile scripts
  • Syntax highlighting and error checking inside the code editor
  • Auto-complete tokens (mbox or profile) parameters through keyboard shortcuts
For more information, see Visitor Profiles.
Premium badge Recommendations Criteria create and edit The Recommendations Criteria creation and editing workflow has been streamlined to simplify choosing the right recommendations algorithm and settings to achieve your goals.
For more information, see Create criteria.
Premium badge Recommendations lookback window and algorithm refresh rate improvements You can now run “Most Viewed” and “Top Sellers” algorithms with a six-hour lookback window to capture the content that’s trending most recently. When the six-hour lookback window is selected, your recommendations results are updated every 3-6 hours throughout the day.
For more information, see Data Source in Create criteria.

Additional release notes and version details

Resource Details
Release notes: Adobe Target Platform Experience Web SDK Details about changes in each version of the Platform Web SDK.
at.js version details Details about changes in each version of the Adobe Target at.js JavaScript library.

Documentation Changes, Past Release Notes, and Experience Cloud Release Notes

In addition to the notes for each release, the following resources provide additional information:

Resource Details
Documentation changes View detailed information about updates to this guide that are not included in these release notes.
For more information, see Documentation Changes.
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Prerelease Information

The following resources let you see what’s coming in the next Target release.

Resource Details
Adobe Priority Product Update To receive advance notifications about upcoming product enhancements to Target and other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, sign up for the Adobe Priority Product Update:
Upcoming release notes For information about the current month’s Target releases, including prerelease information, see the Target Release Notes - Prerelease page.

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