Grant access to Offer Decisioning

Users’ permissions for Offer Decisioning are managed using the Adobe Admin Console. For more details on the Admin Console itself, refer to the dedicated documentation.

To grant access to the Offer Decisioning service, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Admin Console, then select Adobe Experience Platform.

  2. The product profiles for the service display. You can have as many product profiles as desired, corresponding to the various roles that you want to set up for your organization.

    To create a new product profile, click the New Profile button.

  3. Specify the product profile’s name and description then click Next To access the product profile’s permissions, select the Permissions line.

  4. Select the services to enable for the product profile.

    By default, all services are selected, which is recommended to ensure that all the Experience Platform functionalities are available.

  5. In the Decisioning , click the + button to assign permissions to the product profile, then click Save.

    Available permissions are:

    Manage Decisioning Activities:

    • Read, write, delete offers
    • Read, write, delete decisions (previously known as offer activities)
    • Read, write, delete placements

    Execute Decisioning Activities:

    • Read offers
    • Read decisions
    • Read placements

    Manage Decisioning Options:

    • Read, write, delete offers
    • Read decisions
    • Read, write, delete placements
  6. A summary of the product profile’s permissions displays. You can now assign users to the product profile so that they access these permissions.

    For more details on how to manage users permissions, refer to the Admin Console documentation.

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