Here are the main concepts you will work with when using Offer Decisioning.

  • Capping or Frequency Capping: Capping is used as a constraint to define how many times an offer is presented. There are two types of caps, how many times an offer can be proposed across the combined target audience, also known as “Total caps” and how many times an offer can be proposed to the same end user, also known as “Profile Cap”.

  • Collections: Collections are subsets of offers based on predefined conditions defined by a marketer, such as category of the offer.

  • Decision: A decision (previously known as offer activity) contains the logic that informs the selection of an offer

  • Decision Rule: Decision rules are constraints added to a personalized offer and applied to a profile to determine eligibility.

  • Eligible Offer: An eligible offer meets the constraints defined upstream that can be consistently offered to a profile.

  • Offer Decisioning: Offer Decisioning is collection of services and UI that enables marketers to create and deliver end-user personalized offer experiences across channels and applications using business logic and decision rules.

  • Fallback Offers: A fallback offer is the default offer displayed when an end-user is not eligible for any of the personalized offers in the collection.

  • Offer: An offer is a marketing message that may have rules associated with it that specify who is eligible to see the offer.

  • Offer Library: The offer library is a central library used to manage personalized and fallback offers, decision rules and activities.

  • Personalized Offers: A personalized offer is a customizable marketing message based on eligibility rules and constraints.

  • Placements: A placement is the location and or context in which an offer appears for an end-user.

  • Priority: Priority is used to rank offers that meet all constraints, such as eligibility, calendar, and capping.

  • Representations: A representation is information used by a channel, such as location or language to display an offer.

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