Release Notes: December 2013

Last update: 2023-07-21

The following features are included in the December release.

After the release, be sure to check out the New Release tab in the Community for detailed Knowledge Base articles for each feature!

Email Program

Sending an email has never been easier. Use the new email program to send a batch email, instead of the Default Program. Define the smart list, email, schedule it, and you are off!

Also check out the new Email Metrics Dashboard to see how your email performed.

Email A/B Testing

In the new Email Program, run an A/B test on a percentage of the overall email send population. Choose from 4 different types of tests: Subject line, From Address, Date/Time, and Whole Email. You can even choose to manually promote the winner, or let the system promote it based on a pre-defined winning criteria. The new Email program, including A/B test, can be nested in Events and the default Program to make that email send so simple!

Email Champion/Challenger Testing

Champion/Challenger testing is similar to A/B test, but the difference is that it is used for triggered emails and you don’t automatically send a winner. This test allows you to challenge an established way of doing something, called the Champion, and you test if it is still the best by introducing a Challenger. In addition, Champion/Challenger Email Tests can be used inside Engagement program streams.

Lead Details in Email Analysis

We introduced additional lead and company attributes in Email Analysis. You can now view your email stats grouped by new attributes such as Industry and Lead Source.

Enhanced BrightTALK Event Adapter

Now you can pull registrants into Marketo from your BrightTALK channel and event. You can use this information to inform other marketing campaigns!

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