Enable Predictive Content in Emails

Last update: 2023-07-21

Make one or more images in your email predictive, tailoring the experience for each recipient.


It’s recommended that you enable over five pieces of content per category and per source (email, rich media, bar) before testing and using Predictive Content. More content gives you a better predictive outcome.

Adding Predictive Content Using the Email 2.0 Editor

  1. Click Marketing Activities.

  2. Select your email and click Edit Draft.

  3. Click the image you want to make predictive. When the gear icon appears, click it and select Enable ContentAI (ContentAI is the former name for Predictive Content).

  4. To select one or more categories, click the Categories drop-down, make your selection(s), and click Apply.


    Choosing specific categories or changing the predictive layout is optional.

  5. Your image is now predictive. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for additional images (if desired).

  6. To preview your email, click Preview in the upper-right corner.

  7. To view different possible images, click Refresh.


    The image is not selected until the recipient opens the email. So what you see in the preview is just an example, and will not necessarily be the image the recipient sees.

  8. Once you’re done previewing your email, click the Preview Actions drop-down and select Approve and Close. Or if you still have editing to do, click Edit Draft on the right.


    When sending a sample, a random image will be selected.

After you approve your email, it will be equipped with Predictive Content and ready to send!


Once a recipient opens the email, predictive images are locked. If the content is later removed, recipients will see a broken image where the content was.

Adding Predictive Content When Not Using the Email 2.0 Editor

If you aren’t using an Email 2.0 template, adding Predictive Content to your email can be done simply by tagging an image in your template as a Marketo editable image element.

Learn about the Marketo-specific syntax here.

Here is an example of what the code should look like (this is only an example, do not copy the code below exactly).


<div class="mktoImg" id="exampleImg" mktoName="Example Image" mktoImgLink="https://www.marketo.com">
<a><img style="border:10px solid red;"></a>

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