Add a Flow Step for SMS

Last update: 2023-12-05

Marketo has three flow steps you can use in your SMS smart campaigns:

  • Send SMS Message - This flow action sends messages to people from the Marketo smartlist that are subscribed to a user-selected Vibes subscription list. It does not initiate the subscription process.
  • Subscribe to Vibes List - This flow action initiates the SMS subscription process via a user-selected Vibes Acquisition Campaign. Vibes then sends a confirmation message; the recipient must reply to it to complete the subscription process.
  • Unsubscribe from Vibes List - This flow action unsubscribes each person from a user-selected Vibes subscription list.

When sending SMS messages:

  • Marketo de-dupes by phone number. So if multiple people have the same phone number, only one person will receive the message.
  • Marketo will not send to people who are blocklisted or Marketing Suspended.

For general information on setting up flow steps, see Add a Flow Step to a Smart Campaign.

Here are the basics for using SMS.

  1. In My Marketo, click Marketing Activities.

  2. Find the smart campaign you want to add the SMS flow to. Click the Flow tab.

  3. Drag over the flow, for example, Send SMS Message. Select the SMS Message and the Vibes list from the drop-downs.


    The Vibes List selector acts as a further filter to the audience already identified in the smart list to target only those leads who belong to that Vibes list.

    The Subscribe to Vibes List and Unsubscribe from Vibes List flows have different requirements. For Subscribe, you must select the Vibes list and the Vibes acquisition campaign. For Unsubscribe, only the Vibes list is required.

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