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Last update: 2023-07-21
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Syncing with Adobe Connect allows you to manage your webinar registration and attendance inside Marketo, which ensures that engagement doesn’t go untracked.

First, make sure you’ve created your meeting or seminar in Adobe Connect. If you need help, check out the Adobe Connect User Guide.

The meetings and seminars that you create in Adobe Connect must be created under the folder that you specified when you entered your credentials in Marketo. After you create your meeting or seminar, make note of any relevant logistical information (such as the phone number), to use in your confirmation email and ICS file.


As the event host, be sure to join from within the app and not via the link sent to attendees.


We do not support Adobe Connect On-Site at this time.

  1. On the home of a new event, select Event Actions, and then Event Settings.


    If you don’t see Event Settings in the drop-down, make sure the event’s channel has Event with Webinar selected under “Applies to.”

  2. Under Event Partner, select Adobe Connect.

  3. Select your Login ID and the select your Event.

  4. Click Save.

    Nice! Your Adobe Connect event is now synced with your Marketo event.


    The fields Marketo sends over are: First Name, Last Name, Email Address.


    To insert the person’s unique URL into an email, use this token: {{member.webinar url}}. When the email is sent, this token automatically resolves the person’s unique confirmation URL from Adobe Connect.

    Set your confirmation email to Operational to ensure that people who register and may be unsubscribed still receive their confirmation information.

    People who sign up for your webinar will get pushed to your webinar provider via the Change Program Status flow step when the New Status is set to “Registered.” No other status will push the person over. Also, be sure to make Change Program Status flow step #1, and Send Email flow step #2.


    Avoid using nested email programs to send out your confirmation emails. Use the event program’s smart campaign instead, as shown above.


    It can take up to 48 hours for the data to appear in Marketo. If after waiting that long you still don’t see anything, select Refresh from Webinar Provider from the Event Actions menu in the Summary tab of your event.

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