Understanding Ad Network Integrations

How Ad Network Integrations Work

Ad network integrations connect Marketo’s unique audience data to your paid media systems so you can run more targeted, personalized digital ad campaigns. These integrations currently work with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

Capabilities include:

  • Sending audiences to paid media systems in order to target known prospects with personalized display ads to nurture or reactivate them

    • Segment by buyer stage, engagement level, and more
    • Expand audiences to improve acquisition
    • Target email subscribes and non-responders with ads
    • Nurture across channels, for example, email and digital ads
  • Ingesting leads or data from paid media systems into Marketo

    • For example, a Facebook user clicks a Subscribe button and provides a name and email address
  • Uploading offline conversion data to paid media systems, optimizing lead acquisition and nurture efforts

    • For example, a person searches, sees and clicks an ad, then fills out a form online. After that, he receives a demo offline and becomes a CRM opportunity. That’s where the advertiser targets him
  • Retargeting of website visitors, using Web Personalization, to drive them back to your website

    • Personalize by segment or vertical

Current Functionality

You can use integrations to:

Audience Data Lead Ingestion Offline Conversion
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --

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