Step 3 of 3: Connect Marketo and Salesforce (Enterprise/Unlimited)

In this article, you will configure Marketo to sync with your configured Salesforce instance.

Retrieve Sync User Security Token


If you already have the security token, proceed directly to Set Sync User Credentials and kudos for preparation!

  1. Log into Salesforce with the Marketo Sync User, click the sync user’s name, then My Settings.

  2. In the quick find, type “reset” and click on Reset My Security Token.

  3. Click Reset Security Token.

    The security token will be sent to you by email.

Set Sync User Credentials

  1. In Marketo, go to Admin, select CRM, and click Sync with


    Be sure to hide all fields you do not need in Marketo from the sync user before clicking Sync Fields. Once you click Sync Fields all fields the user can see will be created in Marketo permanently and cannot be deleted.

  2. Enter the Salesforce Sync User credentials created in part 2 of the Salesforce configuration (Professional or Enterprise) and click Sync Fields (check Sandbox only if you’re syncing a Marketo Sandbox to a Salesforce Sandbox).


    If you see a “Login To Salesforce” Button instead of Username/Password/Token fields, your Marketo Subscription is enabled for OAuth. Please refer to this article. As soon as the sync begins using a set of Credentials, there is no switching of Salesforce credentials or subscription. If you want to use Basic Authentication, reach out to the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager).

  3. Read the warning, then click Confirm Credentials.


    If you want to look over the mappings and customize them, this is your only chance to do so! Once you click Start Salesforce Sync, it’s done.

Start Salesforce Sync

  1. Click Start Salesforce Sync to begin the persistent Marketo-Salesforce sync.


    Marketo will not automatically de-dupe against a Salesforce sync, or when you manually enter leads.

  2. Click Start Sync.


    The time to complete the initial sync varies depending on the size and complexity of your database.

Verify Sync

Marketo provides status messages for the Salesforce sync in the Admin area. You can verify the sync is working correctly by following these steps.

  1. In Marketo, click Admin, then Salesforce.

  2. The sync status is visible in the upper-right corner. It will show one of three messages: Last Synced, Sync in Progress, or Failed.

Wow, you just finished configuring one of the most powerful features of Marketo, go you!

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