Understanding Static Lists

Static lists are one of the most simple and useful features of Marketo. They are simply a list of names from your Database. You will find plenty of reasons to use them.


A single person in the database can be in many different static lists.

The difference between a Static and Smart List is crucial to understand.

Type Logic
Smart List Based on defined rules
Static List Based on adding/removing each person

One of the most common mistakes is thinking you can remove a person from a list by simply “deleting the person.” This is wrong. Deleting the person will delete them from the entire database, not just the list.

Ways to Add/Remove People from a List

  1. Smart campaign flow step (Add to List, Remove from List)

  2. Single action flow step

  3. Dragging people into a list in the tree

  4. List import

Some Uses of a Static List

  • A list that has been pre-selected to receive a marketing message.
  • A “competitors” list that you use to send mischievous counter-intelligence messages.
  • A temporary list of people in a particular state, who are then removed by smart campaigns when they exit that state.

Enjoy the power of the LIST!

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