Program Member Custom Fields

Program Member custom fields allow you to collect program-specific data for each member. They can be used in: Marketo forms, Smart List filters and triggers, and Smart Campaign flow actions. The data is viewable in the program’s Members tab.


Program Member custom fields do not have an integration with Salesforce Campaign Member fields at this time.

Create a Program Member Custom Field

  1. In Marketo, click Admin.

  2. Click Field Management.

  3. Click New Custom Field.

  4. Click the Object drop-down and select the desired object.


    Person and Program Member custom fields cannot share the same name.

  5. Fill out the remaining fields and click Create.


    Types supported for Program Member custom fields are: boolean, date, datetime, float, integer, string, URL. Learn more about field types.

Object Descriptions

Object Description
Company The name of the company associated with the person.
Opportunity An opportunity can be associated with a person or account as a potential future sale. They usually enter Marketo through a CRM, or via API.
Person An individual in your Marketo database that you’re engaging with through marketing campaigns.
Program Member Person who is also a member of a program

Triggers and Filters

You can leverage this program-specific data in smart lists via triggers and/or filters.

Things to Know

  • Program Member custom fields are available in local assets only. They are not supported in Design Studio because there’s no way to tie it to a specific program.
  • You cannot clone/move a form (or a landing page with a form) that contains Program Member custom fields to the Design Studio.
  • The Program Member object can have up to 20 custom fields. Those fields are available to any program.
  • When you remove a member of a program, if they have any data in their Program Member custom field, the data will be scrubbed from that field.
  • To view the data, click the Members tab in the program and create a custom view that includes said field(s).
  • Import and export via list and API are supported. Exports work on Program Member lists only, not static lists.
  • When you merge two people, the winner’s Program Member custom field data will be used. But if the winner has none, the loser’s value will be used.
  • Change type is not allowed on Program Member Info fields.
  • The “contains” Smart List constraint is not supported for Program Member custom fields.

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