Setup Checklist

Welcome to Marketo! Feel free to use the following checklist as a visual to-do list to get things started. Details can be found in Setup Steps.

Log-in to Marketo and Create Additional Users

  1. Log in to Marketo
  2. Create additional users

Set up an Authorized Support Contact

  1. Set up an authorized support contact
  2. Customize Landing Page URLs
  3. Select a Landing Page CNAME
  4. Ask IT to create a DNS Record for your Landing Page CNAME
  5. When IT is done, set up your landing page domain name in Marketo

Ensure Email Deliverability

  1. Select an Email CNAME for branded tracking links
  2. Ask IT to set up a DNS record for your email CNAME
  3. Ask IT to allowlist Marketo
  4. Set up DKIM and SPF in the Admin area
  5. Set up MX for [FromDomain1]
  6. When IT is done with the email CNAME, setup your email CNAME in Marketo

Submit a URL for Landing Page and Email Templates

  1. Fill out form to submit a URL for new templates

CRM Sync

  1. Work with your CRM admin to sync all CRM contacts to Marketo

Add Tracking Code to your Website

  1. Work with a web developer to add tracking code to your website

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