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Last update: 2024-02-19
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Preview your text message

Once your message content has been defined, you can use test profiles to preview its content. If you inserted personalized content, you can check how this content is displayed in the message, using test profile data.

To do this, click Simulate content then add a test profile to check your message using the test profile data.

Detailed information on how to select test profiles and preview your content is available in the Content Management section.

Validate your content

You must check alerts in the upper section of the editor. Some of them are simple warnings, but others can prevent you from sending the message. Two types of alerts can happen: warnings and errors.

  • Warnings refer to recommendations and best practices. For example, a warning message is displayed if your text message is empty.

  • Errors prevent you from testing or activating the journey, or publishing the campaign, as long as they are not resolved. For example, an error message warns you when the subject line is missing.


To improve your deliverability, use the phone numbers in the formats supported by the provider. For example, Twilio and Sinch only support phone numbers in E.164 format.

Send your text messages

When your text message is ready, complete the configuration of your journey or campaign to send it.

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